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Agency twinning program

AELERT’s twinning program connects agencies to support each other on the organisational maturity journey. We learn so much from each other’s experience as it gives us perspective on the scale of common challenges and opportunities we face. Joining our Twinning program means that you’ll have a reliable support agency to lean on and/or help through our organisational maturity journeys. 

Our twinning program is a simple mentoring program at an agency level, where two agencies are paired up. Each agency has a dedicated contact available to engage with their paired agency to support them or be supported by them when build organisational maturity using the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool (MRIT). 

Growing your organisational maturity shouldn’t be a lonely experience. Getting support doesn’t need to rely on chance who you know, what you do or your past connections in the network. This program is a reliable framework that connects agency based on an assessment of your agency needs and focus.  

Twinning program gives you peer support to do MRIT self-assessments, peer assessments, and designing and implementing targeted action plans. Sharing organisational learnings is key to accelerate organisational growth, and this twinning program is designed to do that at a deeper level.  

Pairing will account for where you are currently at along the maturity journey, areas of maturity you want to focus on and the type of agency you want to be paired up with. 

Regulator Mobility Program

AELERT’s Mobility Program is currently being developed and likely to start on 1 September 2023. A structured program that facilitates for regulator movement between agencies, disciplines and jurisdictions.  

Movement is healthy for any regulator, leader, team or organisation. Movement is growth and that is good for those we serve. Job swaps are an effective way to grow. A good way to share skills and approaches across the network, build individual capabilities and strengthen organisations without impacting organisational capacity.

Career opportunities for regulators shouldn’t be limited to chance roles opening up.  Sharing resources and expertise across our network shouldn’t be limited to expensive and sometimes inefficient recruitment processes that create lag time for everyone involved. 

The Regulator Mobility Program will be designed to enable like for like job swaps across the network. A give and take transaction in the same action with no lag time.  The program will be designed to ensure that exchanges are beneficial exchange for that agreed period of time. grow our people which is good for business. 

Regulators must have prior supervisor approval and it is part of their current individual development plan to participate in this program. 

Stay tuned for the call out for expressions of interest. 

Practitioner mentoring programs

AELERT’s Practitioner Mentoring Program is currently being developed and is likely to start on 1 August 2023. A structured program that joins regulators across the network for 12 month periods.  

This program recognises the important role our seasoned regulators in the network play. It also recognises the even more important role our emerging regulators and emerging leaders will play in the future.

This program activates the unique diversity we have in our network, enabling 1:1 sharing of wisdoms, support and knowledge in a structured way. This program is not limited by who you know, where you work and what you do. It crosses jurisdictions, organisations disciplines and levels of government. 

It doesn’t rely on chance meetings or how engage you are in an existing network. This program will be designed to connect regulators to peer support in a reliable way so that nobody feels isolated, alone or left out.  

Regulators must have prior supervisor approval and it is part of their current individual development plan to participate in this program. 

Stay tuned for the call out for expressions of interest. 

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