AELERT 2021-22 Annual Report.

Chair’s Message:

It is my pleasure to present the AELERT 2021-22 Annual Report.

In our first year of delivery against the 2021-24 Strategic Plan, we put considerable effort into modernising AELERT as a contemporary professional regulators network, while addressing key strategic risks.

This has seen the commencement of a new National Council, which is more representative of our member organisations; the commencement of a new Leadership Team, headed by Adam Gilligan as our inaugural AELERT Chief Executive Officer; the introduction of a fee-paying membership structure to ensure we have a sustainable funding model to support the operation of the network; and a refreshed branding which is more closely aligned with our online presence.

As we move forward, we will be developing an engagement strategy for partnering with key member agencies, aligning AELERT events and products to priorities of member agencies, and developing standards to tackle common issues for modern environmental regulators.

I look forward to collaborating with the AELERT National Council and Leadership Team as we continue this valuable work to foster world class environmental regulation and raise the profile of the regulatory profession.

– Monica Collins, AELERT Chair

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Categories: Strategy, Regulatory Practice & Policy