First Peoples Environmental Regulators Community of Practice

This group is a space for Members to share knowledge, approaches and lessons across regulatory agencies in Australia & New Zealand.


At the AELERT conference in 2020 a small group of participants identified a gap – and an important opportunity for the AELERT network to contribute to the inclusion of Indigenous cultural values within environmental regulatory systems.

After a number of informal discussions, the Indigenous Environmental regulators CoP was established with some 20-25 members from just about all States and Territories.

Our focus is primarily to establish a working network that supports the sharing of approaches across environmental regulatory agencies in Australia & New Zealand with the purpose of identifying:

  • What is best practice and regulatory approaches
  • Understanding the different regulatory models and approaches
  • Exploring some of the emerging approaches

This of course necessarily requires consideration of what is ‘best practice’ in the context of quite different legislative and policy approaches across jurisdictions.

Our discussions have identified the following six areas for special focus:

  • Development approval and assessment
  • Site Contamination and contaminated environments
  • Licensed facilities and duty holder engagement
  • Regulatory engagement strategies
  • Science and information
  • Legislation and Policies

The CoP is still in its early stages of formation and is open to membership.  


Deborah Hollingworth

Chair, EPA VIC

How to get involved

There’s lots of ways that you can benefit from or get involved with our cluster activities:

  1. Join a Community of Practice
  2. Join meetings, forum discussions and share resources
  3. Participate in a Working Group project
  4. Nominate a project or initiative that you’d like to see the Cluster work on in the future