Agency or Affiliate

Follow these simple steps to create a user account for your agency:

  1. Select the suitable membership category for your agency from the list below
  2. Complete the registration form with your agency details (you must be the contact person for your agency)
  3. AELERT will issue your agency with an invoice
  4. Upon receipt of payment, your account will be approved and you can share your unique sign-up link with your employees to register individual user accounts.


Registration is a free, ‘one off’ process for employees of a fee-paying agency member.

If you’re currently employed by an AELERT member agency or affiliate organisation, you can access members-only areas of the website, including:

  • Agency and Practitioner Products
  • Resource Library
  • Network Groups
  • Member Forums.

To create your individual user account, contact your agency admin as they are in control of inviting team members to access the AELERT member website and services. If you need further assistance please email us at

Other individual AELERT Memberships

Not associated with an AELERT member agency? You can still apply to join under our Individual Membership option.

Membership Types

Small Regulator

$1,500 / year

Suitable for agencies with 1-5 regulators.

Medium Regulator

$4,500 / year

Suitable for agencies with 6-50 regulators.

Large Regulator

$15,000 / year

Suitable for agencies with 51-200 regulators.

Unlimited Regulator

$60,000 / year

Suitable for large agencies with 200+ regulators.


$250 / year

Suitable for individuals not associated with an AELERT Member Agency.


$650 / year

Suitable for affiliate agencies looking for AELERT membership.