Network Groups

AELERT Network Groups bring together practitioners from various agencies and jurisdictions to undertake collaborative work on mutual regulatory challenges.

AELERT Network Groups

AELERT Network Groups are organised within three clusters. Each cluster is served by a Working Group, which exists to provide space and resources which help action work programs.

Working Groups are where the work happens – Communities of Practice are where the sharing happens.

Within each cluster, a number of Communities of Practice (CoPs) exist to provide a secure space for sharing of information, experiences, resources and lessons.

The Working Groups source their work programs from the specified needs of the CoPs: to at-large reflect the BAU (business as usual) of member Agencies.

“Working Groups are where the work happens – Communities of Practice are where the sharing happens.”

‘AELERT’s Better Regulation Working Group built the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool in 2016. This is still used by AELERT Agencies today and has had a huge impact on building public confidence in how our regulatory Agencies operate.’


Operations Cluster

The Operations Cluster consists of:

  • An Operations Working Group, Chaired by Gary Hall (DCCEEW)
  • Four Communities of Practice:
Waste Crime Community of Practice

Provides a space for members to support each other and share waste-related information, regulatory approaches and intelligence.

Emergency Operations Community of Practice

As Regulators, we have a lot to learn from one another in times of emergencies. This CoP focuses on incident and emergency management – and includes representatives from all Australian jurisdictions.

Intelligence & Analysis Community of Practice

This is a reinvigorated Community of Practice, if you are involved in Intelligence within your organisation you may benefit by joining the group and helping to build the AELERT Intelligence network across Australia

Wildlife Crime Community of Practice

Wildlife officers were part of the grassroots movement which led to the creation of AELERT in 2003. This group continues that legacy.

Regulation & Engagement

The Regulation and Engagement Cluster consists of:

  • A Regulation and Engagement Working Group (Chair currently vacant)
  • Five Communities of Practice:
Better Regulation Community of Practice

A space for AELERT Members to share regulatory frameworks, policies and approaches. To learn from each other and better Agency performance.

First Peoples Environmental Regulators Community of Practice

This group is a space for Members to share knowledge, approaches and lessons across regulatory agencies in Australia & New Zealand.

Communications, Education & Engagement Community of Practice

A space to share experiences and lessons on communication, education and engagement strategies for on-ground regulators.

Water Compliance Community of Practice

Shares information on cross-cutting issues and regulatory practice. Promotes best practice in water compliance policy across jurisdictions.

Legal Practice & Policy Community of Practice

A space for legal practitioners and policy makers to build a repository of shared knowledge, legal issues and achievements in regulation.

Capability Building

The Capability Cluster consists of:

  • A Capabililty Working Group (Chaired by Daniel Waters, ACT Government.)
  • Two Communities of Practice:
Organisational Maturity Community of Practice

A place to share MRIT approaches, maturity action plans, self or peer assessments, and resources. Also a space for participants in the interagency twinning program to share their experiences.

Professional Development Community of Practice

This Group shares approaches, experiences and lessons from using the capability assessment tool and the professional development program.