Member Products

Products for regulators, by regulators

AELERT programs and tools connect and grow the capabilities of individual practitioners and agencies alike. Unique to AELERT, these products go a long way to cultivate the collective regulatory depth and strength across our network.

Agency Products


Organisational Maturity Tool

The most powerful tool in the AELERT network’s arsenal, the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool (MRIT) is a renowned AELERT branded tool key to building collective organisational resilience, depth and maturity. Find out more information now and start your journey towards organisational maturity.

Interagency Twinning Program

AELERT’s Interagency Twinning Program connects member agencies within our network to support each other on the journey towards organisational maturity. This peer-to-peer framework enables you to share experiences, ideas, action plans, resources and MRIT assessments.

Communities of Practice & Working Groups

AELERT Membership affords you and your agency access to a growing number of Communities of Practice where members can exchange contacts, ideas, information, intelligence, stories, key learnings and resources across lines of regulatory function, discipline or jurisdiction.

Each community of Practice is served by a functioning working group, run independently to put ideas into action through regular work programs.

Practitioner Products


Jobs In Regulation

AELERT agency and practitioner members are invited to join our online regulator jobs board. Search for new and exciting roles in the regulation industry and share opportunities in your organisation with the AELERT network. Subscribe now for the latest updates.

Professional Development Programs

The AELERT network is committed to building stronger regulatory capability by developing confident, competent, and capable regulators. Use these professional development programs to realise your professional potential and regulatory ability.

Practitioner Mentoring Program

Develop your skills and experience in regulation and leadership as part of a structured mentoring program with other AELERT members across agencies, jurisdictions, disciplines, and levels of government.

Regulator Job Swap Program

Ignite your drive and passion by diving head-first into another agency, jurisdiction, or regulatory discipline as part of AELERT’s Regulator Job Swap Program. An immersive opportunity to share skills, knowledge, and culture across the network.

Career Pathways Program

Considering a career in regulation or want to help develop the next generation of regulators? Join AELERT’s Regulator Career Pathways Program and gain experience and exposure to regulatory practice at the local, federal, and agency level. If you are interested in joining our pilot program, email us at More details coming soon.

Join The AELERT Network

Affiliate Agencies and Members



Affiliate Membership may be granted to government agencies without environmental regulatory responsibilities, but for whom engagement with AELERT may be mutually beneficial, as well as academic institutions whose engagement may further the objectives of AELERT.

Affiliate membership may be granted at the discretion of the AELERT National Council.

Open to agencies, from all levels of government in Australia and New Zealand, with responsibility for administering legislation with respect to the environment, heritage or natural resources.

If your employer is an AELERT Member Agency, you can become an AELERT Member Officer.

Member Officer status entitles you to an individual website login, giving you access to member-only resources, the online discussion forum and updates.

Member Officers can also join AELERT Working Groups and Communities of Practice, allowing you to work on a range of collaborative projects and network with others.