Interagency Practitioner Mentoring Program

Develop your regulatory practice and leadership.

Join AELERT’s structured mentoring program and develop your skills in partnership with other members across agencies, jurisdictions, disciplines, and levels of government.


Alongside AELERT’s Interagency Twinning Program, we have designed the Practitioner Mentoring Program as a structured and reliable framework to connect individuals in a mentor/mentee relationship across the network.

Confident and competent regulators form the backbone of best-in-class regulatory agencies and at times it can be difficult to facilitate the transfer of skills and knowledge as part of day-to-day operations for a variety of reasons. This program draws on the extensive knowledge and experience of our members in all areas of practice and facilitates the professional growth and development that leads to a robust and diverse regulatory environment.

In this program, you have the opportunity to connect with other practitioners inside or outside of your area of practice or jurisdiction to learn, or share, the ideas, skills, and experiences necessary to develop your potential and advance your career in regulation and leadership. This program is available to all registered members including agency leaders, team leaders, all kinds of regulatory practitioners, and regulatory or agency support staff.


  1. Build confidence and capability among practitioners across the AELERT network
  2. Harness the talent and ability within AELERT and provide an opportunity to mentor other practitioners
  3. Foster regulatory best practices across jurisdictions, organisational disciplines, and levels of government.

How to get involved

Participating in the Interagency Mentoring Program is as simple as following these steps:

  1. Use the Regulatory Officer Capability Self-Assessment Tool (ROCSAT) to help identify areas of competency and improvement
  2. Complete the registration of interest form outlining your areas of interest and desired outcomes
  3. The AELERT Leadership Team will liaise with program participants and the AELERT network to facilitate a suitable match
  4. Discuss the mentoring plan outline with your mentor/mentee and follow the schedule over the course of the program.
Expressions of interest will be announced soon, stay tuned!