AELERT work programs are underway

Sep 13, 2023

AELERT’s Working Groups have been re-established and are currently working on a number of exciting projects in earnest developing regulatory capability for members and addressing timely issues that are cropping up across jurisdictional borders.

The Capability Building, Regulation & Engagement, and Operations cluster working groups are nearing the midway point of their 6-month work programs and we are excited to report on their completion in the new year.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those involved including the Working Group chairs and National Council sponsors who have provided input and support to get these work programs underway.

If you have a suggestion for a project or work item, speak to your Community of Practice chair for consideration. The next round of work programs will be commence in Q1 2024.

The current work programs underway include:

1. Mapping and tracking of lithium-ion battery waste streams in all Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions

This is a collaboration between Waste Crime, Emergency Operations and Intelligence & Analysis Communities of Practice in response to the increasing waste load of lithium-ion batteries (bikes, scooters and vehicles) and the cause of landfill, truck and waste industry fires, environmental impact/risk and incident response demands.

2. Revising the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool (MRIT)

The agency quality assurance tool is being refreshed, originally developed by AELERT’s Better Regulation practitioners back in 2015 the MRIT is now under enhancement to reflect the current regulatory stewardship standards for all for AELERT members to employ. This includes the design of implementation guides and use-case scenarios for maximum out-of-the-box benefit.

3. Updating the Professional Development Capability Framework

Changes are underway to improve the framework for AELERT members to employ in tandem with the newly completed Regulatory Officer Capability Self-Assessment Tool (ROCSAT).

4. Engaging and supporting Pacific Island regulators

Led by AELERT National Council Member Kate Gavens (DEECA VIC) and Andre Maynard (Principal Legal Officer DWER WA), the Regulation & Engagement cluster are collaborating with the AELERT Leadership Team to map, engage, and provide network access and support to 12 emerging regulatory agencies in Oceania from Papua New Guinea to Tonga. This is an opportunity for Australian and New Zealand agencies to provide regulatory practice support to the Pacific Islands in areas such as waste, wildlife, fisheries, marine park management, climate action, disaster and emergency operations, professional development, and organisational maturity.

5. Outcome based best practice KPI development

The Better Regulation CoP representatives are working to build best practice guides on outcome based KPIs, the hardest measures to build, but the best measures to report.

6. Best practice regulatory diagrams

The Better Regulation team (the originators of MRIT) now turn their attention to collecting the various regulatory diagrams in circulation (triangles, pyramids, onions, donuts… you get the idea) to land on best practice for AELERT members to apply.

7. MRIT customisation for the water sector

Led by AELERT strategic partner the Inspector General Water Compliance (Australian Government) to standardise organisational maturity and performance in the water regulatory sector.

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