Emerging Technologies: Environmental Compliance, Citizen Science and Monitoring

May 5, 2023

An ELI Public Webinar

VIA ELI: Technological advances have given both environmental agencies and citizens new ability to monitor compliance and address environmental problems, especially in areas that suffer disproportionate impacts. During the fall of 2020, INECE convened a six-part webinar discussing issues related to the possible role of citizen science, or participatory science, in compliance and enforcement. INECE launched the series recognizing the rapidly increasing interest in citizen monitoring and the similarly rapid growth in low-cost monitoring technologies. Offsite monitoring technology also became a more important issue during the pandemic, as access to some sites became increasingly limited.

Join ELI, INECE, and a panel of experts to reflect on (1) how recently deployed and emerging technologies can be used by agencies and citizens to measure environmental emissions or discharges, (2) how this data can be used to support compliance and enforcement efforts and (3) the reliability of data derived from some of the leading new technologies. The webinar will also feature a discussion of legal issues associated with utilizing advanced monitoring technologies. We expect that this information will help compliance and enforcement officials understand the role advanced technologies can play in their work and the contribution citizen-generated data from advanced technologies can make to compliance and enforcement.

John Cruden
, Principal, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C
Tim Dye, President, TD Environmental Services
Gerry Opondo, Executive Director, Environmental Compliance Institute


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