Organisational Maturity Tool (MRIT)

Measure, grow, and report on your organisation’s maturity

The most powerful tool in the AELERT network’s arsenal. This renowned AELERT branded tool is key to collectively building organisational resilience, depth and maturity. Find out more information below and start your journey now.


The Modern Regulator Improvement Tool (MRIT) is a world-leading and unique tool developed by AELERT. MRIT was developed in 2015. It enables member agencies to assess organisational maturity levels against 12 attributes across four fundamental regulatory characteristics: Vision, Role, and Strategy; Capability and Improvement; Governance and Delivery; and Leadership and Culture.

MRIT takes out the guesswork. It empowers agencies to know and report on where your organisational maturity is at. MRIT allows you to objectively measure and report on your strengths and areas to improve over time. It gives you a platform to target your action and the confidence to grow.


  1. Identify organisational strengths and areas to improve
  2. Empowers organisations to build and own their maturity action plans
  3. Measures change over time to report movement and reward for effort
  4. Facilitates sharing and collaboration with your peers in the AELERT network
  5. Build regulatory depth and resilience in organisations across Australasia

How to get involved

Follow these easy steps to get started using the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool:

  1. Download the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool PDF
  2. Review the instructions and undertake a self-assessment within your agency
  3. Share your results and feedback to AELERT and contribute to the discourse on organisational maturity
  4. Optional: Join our new Organisational Maturity Community of Practice (CoP).
  5. Optional: Enrol in AELERTs Interagency Twinning Program where you will be paired up with a trusted peer to support each other along your organisational maturity journey.

Start using the MRIT

Download the full Modern Regulator Improvement Tool below to get started on your organisational maturity journey. Once you’ve completed the self-assessment for your organisation, please consider sharing your results and feedback in the form below.  If you require any further assistance, consider joining the Organisational Maturity Community of Practice or contact the AELERT Leadership Team.

Use the Modern Regulator Improvement Tool (MRIT)

  • MRIT PDF tool: Discover the 12 attributes of a modern regulator and conduct a self-assessment using the MRIT.
  • MRIT online tool: Complete your MRIT assessment online to generate a mapped on the MRIT wheel.
  • Blank wheel: Download a blank MRIT wheel to mark your responses and visually represent your organisation’s current maturity level.
  • MRIT summary A3 poster: This summary poster of the MRIT is perfect for printing and putting up on the wall!


MRIT resources:

Join the Organisational Maturity Community of Practice

This CoP is a space for AELERT Members to share experiences of using the MRIT, support each other in undertaking self and peer assessments, share resources, share maturity action plans, and discuss continuous improvement.

This community of practice is served by a capability working group. A separate space where practitioners work on improvements to MRIT and the supports that sit around it.

Join AELERT’s Interagency Twinning Program

AELERTs Interagency Twinning Program systematically connects member agencies based on their needs, preferences, and areas of focus. Now, all member agencies can be connected regardless of who you know or where you are located.

Express your interest in joining AELERT’s new Interagency Twinning Program and connect with a trusted peer agency to join you in organisational maturity journey.